We offer different services and options to improve your stay:

  • Accommodation Service (with first day breakfast package included)
  • Lodging and Breakfast Service (agreed with one of the restaurants in the town) and that the clients pay us if it is of their interest, for each day of their stay.
  • Reception service.
  • Cleaning service and change of sheets and towels. If the stay lasts longer than 7 nights, the change is made.
  • Late check out (previous payment and subject to availability)
  • Wifi . The WIFI connection is offered to the clients of the establishment in free mode.
  • Barbecue service. With firewood, coal, pills and matches for the realization of barbecues.
  • Barbecue Service Plus, possibility of hiring at any time of the stay, a batch of meat from a local workshop that is served in the house itself.
  • Personalized wine service The client can contract the service of one wine per day of stay.
  • Dryer service Hair dryer.
  • Electronic payment service for the services or the stay. Via datáfono since in the town there is no ATM.
  • Basket service of fresh vegetables or fruits (according to season)

For more information and hiring of these services do not hesitate to contact us: